Clan Value - das Buch von Elisabeth Heller

The Book Clan Value

Egomania and shareholder value as the be all and end all are disused. The trend clearly points away from the “Me- corporation” and towards a We-Society. “Let us learn from the successful clans of this world” entrepreneur Elisabeth Heller therefore recommends. She analyses the principles of success of prominent clans such as Zegna, Bonnier, even the Wu-Tang Clan as well as of the clans of Scottland and Siciliy.

Clan Value is doable – and next to satisfied and motivated clan members it is accompanied by an augmentation of the enterprise value. How you turn your company or your family into a clan or how you become a successful clan member is described in the book from a clan leader’s point of view.

Clan Value
Making your family a business and your business a family
Elisabeth Heller
Clan Value was published in the year 2006 by Econ Verlag in German language in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
245 pages with images
D 16 EUR, A 16,50 EUR, CH 28,5 sFr
ISBN-13: 978 3 430 14258-8
ISBN-10: 3-430-14258-x
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