Clan Value - Extracts

The lesson of my life: I am nothing without my clan, my clan is nothing without me. A clear system of values, sticking together, a feeling of security, safety. Add to this a pinch of luck, mix well together and success will soon follow. So far, so naive. When I started out to found my own business almost 20 years ago, I had all these terms floating around in my head as components of my business model which I was going to develop. [more]

This is how the Clan functions
Now I’ve got you where I want you: right in the middle. You’ve taken a first step (thank you). You have opened the large gate and discovered the entrance hall behind. There you have read about the rough and ready customs of the Scottish clans and the single-minded gentleness of a Swiss clan chief. And now you have opened the first door. ... [more]